LC credit? Credit obligation of the seller to the buyer, and the Bank is given. The obligation of the buyer’s payments, which amount to the seller in time and with correct amount into the hands of the seller. whenever the […]

The cost of the transfer of the cargo into the country 1-how to pay the price of inputs: since space is the place to buy this is established and the political problems of the day is also a bit of […]

Russia–Ukraine-corn animal product–and Brazil is available: Russian corn for testing as follows: MOISTURE:14 MAX PROTEIN:9.5 MIN AFLATOXIN:20 PPB AMBROSIA:0-100 DAMAGED KERNEL:1 MAX BROKEN GRAIN:9 MAX Corn corn is like Russia and Ukraine for testing with the difference that امروزیا 0. […]

Ukraine-Russia-wheat product of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan available. There are two types of edible wheat and livestock Division, which is based on food-grade wheat for standard 2-3 based on the country of the exporter to Russia or Ukraine. livestock and wheat […]

Joe Russo-Kazakh veterinary product is available. The difference between these two types of barley in bulk and colour rate of apparent colors them.  Joe White Russia and the so-called coarse yellow Cossacks and lean, but the atmosphere is more Soviet […]

1 a written request) shopping with the relevant company letterhead stating the type of shopping–Shopping–how to pay tonnage-profile Bank (ICPO–Loi) 2) download full details along with a proposal announced by the seller to the buyer (SCO) 3) sent to the […]